Renewable energies thanks to modern technologies

Renewable energy comes from 2 major natural sources: the Sun (which is responsible for the cycle of water, tides, wind and plant growth) and the Earth (which gives off heat).


New technologies for energy production and storage

Supplied by the sun, wind, the earth’s heat, waterfalls, tides, or plant growth, renewable energies generate little or no waste or polluting emissions. They contribute to the fight against the greenhouse effect and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, facilitate the rational management of local resources, and generate jobs. Solar energy (photovoltaic and thermal solar energy), hydroelectricity, wind power, biomass and geothermal energy are inexhaustible sources of energy compared to the “stock energy” derived from fossil fuel deposits that are becoming rare: oil, coal, lignite, and natural gas. As explained by, renewables provide energy not only to the means of transport and big industrial complexes but also to household appliances…

Energy market and renewable industry

Why Invest in Renewable Energy Recovery or Engineering News-Record ?
Investment in R&D represents a real economic and technological opportunity for manufacturers. The advantage with this new energy solution is that they allow the production and self-consumption of energy that feeds an industrial site. It can be used to produce heat or electricity. The energy exploitation is declined in several solutions. Their form of exploitation depends on the needs of the industrial sectors.
The Energy Transition Act for Green Growth has set ambitious targets. It aims to increase the share of renewable energies to 32% of final energy consumption by 2030. In 2014, the industry sector will be the 3rd largest French energy consumer. The first and second positions go to the transport and residential sectors.

The energy market for renewable energies allows industrialists to act on 3 levers. These are the improvement of energy efficiency, fatal heat recovery and the integration of renewable energies.

News on renewable energies

Discover the news of the ENR as well as a summary of the most important news of these sectors in Europe and around the world.

Follow the latest technical innovations in the energies of tomorrow. This can be about the design of renewable energies, optimizing their use.

Reducing energy costs

Learning to manage your consumption

Analyze your consumption

To understand the energy bill, it is necessary to master electricity pricing, the terms of the high and low voltage bill.

Reducing consumption

Reduce the consumption of washing machines, choose less energy consuming multimedia devices...

Self-producing green energy

You can produce your own green energy and you can invest in the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

Raising workers' awareness

In order for a company to reduce its energy consumption, it is necessary to raise staff awareness and promote good reflexes.

Natural Gas

Natural gas can be of various types: it is thermogenic when it is produced from the transformation of organic matter under the effect of pressure and heat, and it is biogenic when it is generated from the fermentation of bacteria present in organic sediments.

Depending on the depth and types of deposits, the gas can be conventional or unconventional. It depends on the difficulty of extraction and the exploitation techniques. Unlike conventional gas trapped in an easily accessible reservoir, unconventional gas is difficult to extract. Gas producers have historically favoured the exploitation of conventional gas, which guarantees a resource recovery rate of 80% compared to 20% on average for unconventional gas.


Bioenergy comes in different forms: energy crops, organic waste, agricultural and forestry residues. This form of energy stored by biomass can be used to produce heat, electricity, cooling or fuels.

Bioenergy that is not overexploited is considered renewable. Its interest stems from a desire to reduce emissions of methane, carbon dioxide and other gases responsible for the production of greenhouse gases. This form of energy favours the search for alternative energy resources to fossil fuels. You can visit Alternative Energy Secrets if you want to learn more about alternative energy and its secrets.