Natural gas

Industrialists, improve your energy efficiency!

A list of specific measures allows companies to improve their energy efficiency and measure their energy consumption.  Some of them have thus converted to more environmentally friendly renewable energy sources, which in addition have enabled them to reduce production costs….

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Innovative approaches to your energy efficiency issues

The development of renewable energies represents a major challenge for countries around the world. The aim is to preserve the environment and natural resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce at a time when the world’s population is growing steadily. Improving…

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Natural gas offers and services adapted to expectations

Today’s consumers can choose from a wide range of natural gas service offerings. To find the offer that best suits your energy needs, start by making an estimate of the amount of gas you need to operate the dwelling, taking…

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Natural gas, from industry companies and suppliers

The gas supply has completely changed its face. Whereas a few years ago there were only a few major players such as EDF and ENGIE, today the supply has been considerably diversified for both private individuals and professionals. Newcomers are…

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Natural gas or green gas, a local and renewable energy!

France has relatively large natural gas resources. Gas can be used to heat a home, provide hot water and for cooking. Innovative solutions make it possible to combine it with other energy sources and users appreciate it for its affordable…

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Call upon a trusted company to install or repair gas boilers.

If your boiler shows signs of malfunctioning, it is perfectly normal that you should consider troubleshooting or even replacing it. Boilers have made great strides towards greater energy efficiency in recent years. In other words, you can save a lot…

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