The principle of the combination of photovoltaic technology and vegetalisation

Specialists will have to propose high-performance and innovative systems with specific intelligence. This is where the idea of combining photovoltaic technology with vegetalisation was born.

Combining greening and photovoltaics

A few suppliers now offer products that meet the standards that govern BePos. The system is suitable for new homes and buildings undergoing renovation. It combines photovoltaic panels with greening. This product complies with energy performance requirements (BePos, BBC, HPE...). Practical, it is waterproof, insulated and vegetalized. This ranges from simple plants to more elaborate plantations. Plant species have been carefully chosen to adapt to several types of buildings and to have a better resistance to climatic conditions. The product has been developed with the aim of enabling housing to be environmentally friendly while meeting the requirements of the urban environment.

The advantages of such a combination

The combination of photovoltaic technology with greening is primarily intended to meet the requirements for positive energy buildings by enhancing the roof. Solar panels are known for their considerable energy input, while greening is known for its sound and thermal quality. In wintertime, the plant complex limits heat loss through the roof. In summer, it ensures better acclimatization inside the house. Vegetation also allows a reduction in energy consumption. In addition, it ensures a protective role for the environment. Vegetation helps to fight the urban heat island phenomenon.

Vegetated roofs

Green roofs or green roofs have a special and original design. They adapt to most decorating themes. Covered with plants, these roofs are the best alternatives to other coverings. In addition to creating an ambient atmosphere within the home, these green roofs are a perfect replacement for gardens if the setting does not have enough space to accommodate a green space. The inventors have combined several systems with the aim of responding to all the problems related to respect for the environment, waterproofing and heat loss or good acclimatization. Even if these green roofs have a certain performance, it can be said that their cost is quite reasonable and within everyone's reach.
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