Use of renewable energies, its challenges and solutions

The challenges of sustainable development are enormous and energy transition is a global goal. Today the reduction of energy consumption is in a good momentum and most countries are making efforts to achieve a shift away from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy sources.

The challenges of the energy transition

In all countries of the world, it has become urgent to transform the systems of energy production and consumption. In concrete terms, this translates into the use of renewable energies and the gradual abandonment of fossil fuels to reduce environmental impact. Nature's least inexhaustible source of energy is the sun, a renewable and free source of energy. The planet and humanity owe the development of life on earth to the sun, water in all its forms, wind, gas, plants... Solar energy is booming and is the subject of massive investments because many players are betting on this promising energy source. Regulations are encouraging and promote the development of this energy source at all levels.

For a greener and more inclusive growth

Abandon carbon and polluting energies in favour of renewable energies that respect the environment and human health, such as geothermal energy, hydraulic energy, solar energy, wind energy, use of biomass... It is urgent to act for the planet and the climate. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the abandonment of nuclear power, the reduction of energy consumption, health protection ... must be at the heart of the priorities of all countries in the world. Humanity must achieve a greener and more inclusive growth to eliminate the overexploitation of natural resources on planet earth.

Renewable energies as a response to the ecological emergency

All over the world, the role of renewable energies is growing. The use of photovoltaic solar energy, solar thermal energy is constantly increasing, as is the production of wind power. The production of hydraulic energy, geothermal energy, bioenergy and biomass is also growing. Every year "the world is adding more renewable capacity than it adds capacity in the various fossil resources" which should lead to a gradual improvement in the health of the planet. In a positive approach to environmental problems, there should be a gradual decrease in the price of existing renewable energy technologies to encourage their development and offer more capacity at lower costs.
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