Bio-energy: firewood for domestic heating

Biomass or bio-energy heating is based on the use of wood to heat a home. To do this, combustion is created. Wood has many advantages in terms of heating and promotes a green environment. It has many applications. For the extraction of firewood, there is a forest exploitation which is, however, controlled.

The different forms of wood heating

When wood is used to heat a home, it can come in many forms, including logs, pellets, shredded wood, etc. Noting that domestic heating accounts for nearly 70% of solid biomass production. The wood stock is divided between collective, industrial and tertiary heating. Concerning domestic heating, in particular, we note especially forest chips and cereal biomass. Pellets can replace wood chips to guarantee wood heating. Biomass is now offered by several energy suppliers. It was launched some years ago to meet the needs of the environment and energy performance.

The freestanding stove

Among the various wood heating technologies, there is the freestanding stove. This has several advantages. First, it is easy to install and use. It is, in fact, the most popular heating method. In fact, it can be adapted to several styles of decoration. The latest models of the freestanding stove integrate perfectly into the contemporary atmosphere to allow for innovative design. In addition, customers can choose between several types of materials: cast iron, steel, etc. The freestanding stove is ideal for heating one room in a house, but some ranges allow hot air to be shared in neighbouring rooms. The freestanding stove is often equipped with a glass door.

Log boilers

Log boilers are alternatives to wood stoves. The innovation of these appliances came about mainly after the gradual rise in the cost of fossil fuels and electricity. The boilers are highly efficient. Indeed, they incorporate an automated loading feature. In addition, these systems provide real comfort in use, similar to gas or oil-fired boilers. In terms of design, wood-fired boilers are suitable for both single-family homes and multi-family buildings. In addition, they are subject to technically and ecologically conscious quality standards. Noting also that log or wood-fired boilers are becoming more efficient and more autonomous.
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