Choose a model of generator set according to a precise use

No matter what your field of activity, a power boost is always necessary, especially in the event of a power outage. Power failures always occur at the wrong time. To avoid this inconvenience, the purchase of a generator set is strongly recommended. There are many models, and it is important to know which one best suits your energy needs. To help you in the selection of your generator set, here are some models that are classified according to their specific use.

Soundproof generator sets

Whether inside or outside a building, the deafening noise produced by generators is always a real problem. Faced with this inconvenience, it is wise to choose a silent generator set. This model is very practical for domestic use and for activities that do not require the consumption of a lot of energy. Like all the other models, the soundproof generator set has both advantages and disadvantages. - Advantages: as the name suggests, the silent group does not emit noise. Moreover, it is easy to handle. So you can use it anywhere without any difficulty. - Disadvantage: With a maximum power of around 2700 W, the silent model is not suitable for energy-intensive uses.

Gasoline generators

If you want a multi-function package, the petrol model is the one that suits you best. Its power can reach up to 6 kW. Domestic use is most common with this type of generator. Nevertheless, it is powerful enough for high electricity consumption. - Its advantages: it is not very quiet, but not too noisy either. Moreover, this electric generator adapts very well to different situations. - Disadvantages: Even with its versatility, the petrol model is still not the most powerful. In addition, its power limits its usefulness for activities that require a very high power consumption.

Diesel generator sets

The diesel generator set is the most powerful of all models. This type of generator can be used in any kind of work. Whether for domestic or industrial use, the diesel model is renowned for its enormous power. - The advantages of using a diesel generator set: with this very powerful model, you can carry out large jobs without any worries. - The disadvantages: by opting for a diesel, you can't have both silence and performance at the same time. This is because the diesel electric generator is the noisiest of all the generators on the market. In short, all generator set models have their advantages and disadvantages. For a use that doesn't require a lot of energy, opt for the soundproof generator set. Otherwise, if you need quite a lot of power, the choice of a petrol generator is the most suitable. Finally, in case you need a very high energy consumption, despite the noise, the diesel generator set is what you need.
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